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Ben Shapiro - Why Is David Hogg Wrong About Everything


The Second Amendment Is Not a Conservative Issue - Addressing Gun Violence at Schools Is Not a Political Issue: It's a Common Sense One - MEDIA MOMENT BLOWN. GAME OVER. Antigun Alt-Left Deep State Shills Blow Up: Trump Pivots Brilliantly - Parkland Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave Me "Scripted Question" After Denying Question About Armed Guard - CNN TOWN HALL FAKE NEWS!:


Friday, February 16, 2018


Original article by Gwynne Watkins. "
"'Star Wars' needs a woman director, not the 'Game of Thrones' guys" 

Spookyweather comment: Rather than develop good stories the SJWs planned ways of making the Star Wars films more ethnically/racially diverse. This is a symptom of misguided hatred directed against white people. The SJWs misunderstand how the Hollywood films came about in a historical sense. The people working in Hollywood were mostly white at the time. You would expect them to make films involving people from this group, just as the Chinese or Indians make films featuring people drawn from those around them. Are Indian or Chinese filmmakers unconsciously racist for not making ethnically diverse films (even today?). 

And how about all the ethnically unique regions around the world, like Tibet or Japan, or small Island Nations? If we follow the SJW logic one would want to make all these places more ethnically diverse, or would refusal to do so be called racist? Often we here about trying to preserve non-white cultures from being 'overrun' and yet the same is never true when the boot is on the other foot. White people are allegedly the devil - but only when you ignore human history in which Blacks, Arabs and Asians all engaged in acts of cruelty, slavery and cultural domination that lasted many hundreds of years. 

The SJW nonsense has to stop.  

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40 Years of Star Wars - Through the Decades Documentary

40 Years of Star Wars - Through the Decades Documentary

Professor Claims Soros ‘Missionaries’ Bragged About Toppling Governments in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

Author and sociologist Frank Furedi claims globalist activists working for billionaire financier George Soros bragged about toppling governments at a private lunch.

A former professor of sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury, Furedi recounted his experience with the globalist’s “missionaries” in an article for the Telegraph newspaper, having been prompted by the revelations about his efforts to bring down the British government and trigger another EU referendum.

“Soros believes that if the people voted the wrong way, he is entitled to thwart decisions made by them,” Furedi wrote.

“Soros does not believe in the legitimacy of borders nor in the authority of national electorates. Consequently, he feels entitled to influence and if possible direct the political destiny of societies all over the world.”

Furedi said his own encounter with “the Soros operation” took place in the 87-year-old’s native Hungary in 2013, at an Open Society Youth Exchange exchange event which brought together so-called ‘civil society’ activists from across the globe:

Most of those in attendance were smart, idealistic young people who appeared to be committed to making the world a better place. My only concern with the gathering was it regarded its participants as a group of democratic missionaries, who would go back home to spread the good word. 
It was later during lunch at a plush Budapest hotel that I encountered the full force of the arrogant ethos promoted by the Soros network of organisations. At my table I listened to Dutch, American, British, Ukrainian and Hungarian representatives of Soros NGOs boast about their achievements. Some claimed that they played a major role in the Arab Spring in Egypt. Others voiced their pride in their contribution to the democratisation of the Ukraine. Some bragged about their influence in preparing the ground for the overthrow of the Gadafif regime in Libya. 
I sat quietly and felt uncomfortable with a group of people who so casually assumed that they had the right to play God throughout the world. At one point, the head of the table – a Hungarian leader of a Soros NGO – asked me what I thought about their work. Not wishing to offend, I quietly remarked that I wasn’t sure whether the external imposition of their idea of democracy on the people of Libya was legitimate nor that it would work. Without a second’s hesitation, my interlocutor rounded me with the response: “I don’t think that we have the luxury of waiting until the Libyan people come up with their own Jefferson!”
Furedi recalled being alarmed by “the haughty tone with which she lectured me about performing the role of Jefferson” in countries like Libya.

Foreign intervention has changed the North African country into a failed state, where jihadists are at large, black Africans are sold openly in slave markets, and criminal people-smugglers coin a handsome profit ferrying illegal migrants to Europe — often with the assistance of NGOs linked to Soros.

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STER WURS (BEST OF) - Star Wars parody

STER WURS (BEST OF) - Star Wars parody

Fake News Pushes North Korea Propaganda | Michael Malice and Stefan Molyneux - The perverse fawning over brutal Kim Jong-un’s sister at the Olympics

Fake News Pushes North Korea Propaganda | Michael Malice and Stefan Molyneux


The perverse fawning over brutal Kim Jong-un’s sister at the Olympics

The enemy of your enemy is not your friend. Kim Yo-jong, deputy director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of North Korea, and sister of Kim Jong-un, is no exception.
This is, apparently, news to the news media. As the Winter Olympics opened in South Korea, US reporters and analysts gave Kim the TMZ treatment, going so far as to liken her to Ivanka Trump.
That Ivanka comparison, by the way, brought to you by The Washington Post. A dispatch on Kim from Anna Fifield began, “They marveled at her barely-there makeup and her lack of bling. They commented on her plain black outfits and simple purse. They noted the flower-shaped clip that kept her hair back in a no-nonsense style.”
Strange reading a red carpet-like report about a member of a regime that has concentration camps the size of Los Angeles, where children have been secretly photographed starving in the streets and whose leader uses anti-aircraft weaponry to execute his political enemies.
Fifield’s colleague Philip Bump, a national correspondent for The Washington Post, tweeted a GIF of Kim giving Vice President Mike Pence “deadly side-eye.”
Unavailable for comment on that side-eye? Otto Warmbier, an American college student brutally tortured and killed by the North Korean regime last year. His father Fred was a guest of Pence’s at the Olympics, and was present also at the State of the Union.
WaPo wasn’t an outlier.
CNN posted a column with the headline “Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics.”
The NBC Olympics Twitter account was captivated by the synchronized red-clad dancing and singing of North Korea’s cheerleaders during competitions, tweeting a video of the group with the caption “this is so satisfying to watch.”
Would it be as satisfying to watch if viewers were aware of the torture and death that would await any of those cheerleaders and their families were they to attempt to defect while in South Korea? Would we be so enthralled with the moves if we knew the fate of anyone who makes the mistake of not delivering a perfect performance in the stands, let alone what may happen to those in competition if they don’t come home with a medal?
Perhaps it’s easier to not think about such things.
But think about it, we must. There are some in the media so consumed with their rage against President Trump and his administration, they’re willing to not only whitewash the brutality of the North Korean government but promote the idea that it is somehow better than our own.
New Republic senior editor Jeet Heer tweeted the CNN column with the caption “Do you realize how massively you have to f–k up so that Kim Jong Un’s family looks good by comparison? But Trump & Pence have pulled it off.”
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AFP/Getty Images
Not everyone was fooled into parroting propaganda. MSNBC host Willie Geist tweeted, “I can report South Koreans here in Pyeongchang are not as enthralled with Kim Yo Jong and the North Korean cheerleaders as it seems some media are back home. Something about N.K. killing, starving, imprisoning its people while threatening South Korea with nuclear annihilation.”
Indeed. One does not have to be a fan of the Trump administration to realize just how misguided it is to give a brutal dictator and his ruling family attaboys like they’re pussyhat-wearing members of the anti-Trump #resistance. The resistance in North Korea, after all, is treated a bit differently.
Speaking of which: Recently there was a North Korean spectator worthy of our admiration at a major event — the State of the Union. The North Korean Ji Seong-ho, a defector living in South Korea.
Inexplicably, just a few weeks after the president told Seong-ho’s story, which included having his limbs run over by a train while scavenging for coal to try to feed his family, the same media who reported on his triumph are whitewashing the regime that tortured Ji’s father to death when he was caught trying to defect.
The picture of North Korean triumph is not a member of the Kim family giving our vice president “side-eye,” nor is it singing cheerleaders in the stands of the Olympics. It’s that of Ji Seong-ho holding the wooden crutches he used to escape over thousands of miles, across China and southeast Asia over his head in the US Capitol, after being honored by the president of the United States for his courage.


CNN Praises Dictator's Sister At Olympics - CNN Writes North Korean Propaganda to Spite VP Pence - OUTRAGE After CNN Compares Kim Jong Un’s Sister To Ivanka Trump Amid Winter Olympics Media Frenzy: