Thursday, July 12, 2018

Black Star Wars Fan Speaks To SJW Media: Last Jedi Backlash NOT Only Old White Men

The Last Jedi controversy caused a great disturbance in the force, Star Wars backlash. Disney ruined it, but SJWs attack fans. Hate The Last Jedi? Toxic Star Wars fan you are!

They call us racist & sexist old white men because The Last Jedi sucks. As a black Star Wars fan, I’m over problematic hypocrisy of social justice warriors. The angry SJW media use their abusive power and control with a lazy narrative of racism and sexism. It's a propaganda technique. Loyal fans dislike the Walt Disney Star Wars trilogy due to lame characters and Rian Johnson. Not because of a black guy in Star Wars, SJW bullies. In this video I go on a calm Star Wars rant about TLJ and other hot topics. I explain in great detail the huge Star Wars The Last Jedi backlash. I talk about the Holdo and Rose SJW moments in Star Wars The Last Jedi. My genuine reaction to mad Star Wars fans wanting Kathleen Kennedy fired. The Star Wars backlash continues the fight against SJW media with no hope. Star Wars matters to fans and Walt Disney Studios are losing its most dedicated fan base. Many loyal fans say Star Wars is dead. We the paying customers want LucasFilm to strike back with a good Star Wars film. Take Star Wars fandom back to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Bring balance to the force! Watch as I share my thoughts on why I didn't like The Last Jedi and how Disney ruined Star Wars for me. It’s real Star Wars talk!

The bottom line is they made a second rate film (plot) with second rate characters.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Proof That Fans Are Winning the War for Star Wars (WorldClassBullshitters)

More desperate attempts to defend Disney Star Wars are popping up!

The inept, but politically 'savvy' (bullying), have taken over key positions in many industries, sinking the intellectual property that they are involved with. 

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