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Malik Obama Joins #DumpStarWars After Writer Compares Empire to Trump Supporters

Screenwriter for Disney’s Star Wars: Rogue One, Chris Weitz,  has come under fire lately for a tweet he sent out back on November 11th that had gone largely unnoticed until recently, prompting the hashtag #DumpStarWars to trend on Twitter last night.
The screenwriter attempted to politicize the Star Wars universe in order to relate it to today’s political climates, specifically Trump winning the election, by stating that the villainous Empire in the movie is a “white supremacist (human) organization”

Disney is hiring such racist hombres like @ChrisWeitz, who keeps saying white people are evil & would've created "the Empire"
Right, because that explains why Finn in Episode 7 released by Disney was a stormtrooper for the Empire, but is in fact, a black man.  Although this would explain why every evil leader of the Empire is always portrayed by a bitter old white man.
Weitz’s message was followed up by a tweet from another writer on the movie, Gary Whitta, quoting Weitz’s tweet and adding to it, “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women.”
What happened to the brave men leading the rebellion?  I guess Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo and Lando Calrissian take a backseat to political correctness these day.
Also on November 11th, Weitz sent out a picture of the Rebel/Republic symbol from Star Wars with a safety pin through it.  The “safety pin movement” was started by liberals and anti-Trump protesters after the election as a way to show their support for minorities, which would involve wearing a safety pin on their clothing in attempts to prove that they don’t support Donald Trump’s policies and minorities can feel “safe” around them.
As if minorities are cowering in fear of anyone not wearing a safety pin after Trump’s election?  Will minorities start fleeing from any white person not wearing a safety pin, scared out of their mind that they may be a Trump supporter?
Since this tweet was sent only days after Donald Trump won the election, and the mainstream media has branded many Trump voters as “white supremacists”, I think it’s safe to say that Chris Weitz was making a critical statement against Trump supporters, using the Star Wars brand as a vehicle for his message.
This has given the rise to the hashtag #DumpStarWars that ended up trending on Twitter last night.
Soros is funding a massive campaign on the left to get advertises to boycott Breitbart. But you're mad I'm pushing ? Losers!
Stop using your multiculturalism anti-American agenda in a science fiction Disney movie. We just want to enjoy a fun movie. 
The left leaning news websites have been quick to lash out against what they consider the “alt-right” starting a campaign to boycott Star Wars, publishing articles with titles such as “‘Alt-Right’ Trumpsters Discover True Meaning of ‘Star Wars,’ Wage #DumpStarWars Campaign.”
Even Barack Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, who was ostracized by Democrats for throwing his support behind Donald Trump during the election, joined the #DumpStarWars movie.

After the #DumpKelloggs campaign started by Breitbart News, when the cereal producer pulled their advertising from their website along with making a statement that it did not align with their “values”, has generated over 400,000 signatures, when will liberals learn that injecting political views into their brands and insulting large portions of their customer base is not productive for your company?


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