Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rey's Father is Luke Mother is Phasma Snoke is Plagueis

My Comment:

I agree about Phasma, here is what I had to say about this on my Star Wars blog before I saw what anybody else was thinking: As has been noted by many a reviewer, Force Awakens mirrored plot points from A New Hope. This was also done to some extent in the prequels. If Episode 8 uses the same mold, then a big reveal akin to Luke Skywalker learning his father is Darth Vader is in store and Rey as the female Luke character being revealed as Luke's daughter does not fit the bill. For one, it is widely believed already that this is the case and would not be enough of a surprise. Furthermore, it would not be a revelation of being the seed of evil as was the case for Luke in Empire. Since Rey is a female, Captain Phasma being outed as her mother would make a lot of sense and further explain why Luke became a recluse.